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Long Lasting Service Life


Long Lasting Service Life


Pilers For Every Application Areas


World’s finest quality products


CROSSTEX was founded in year 2000, with its mission to provide world’s finest dental and surgical instruments.

The complexity of the nature of work and the responsibility on the shoulders to maintain the safety standards of the products was never an easy job. However, the… READ MORE

  • Uncompromised Quality
  • Our Sustainable Business Model does not allows us to play with the Quality for short term benefits and minimal profits. The growth and strength of every business lies in the delivery of promised quality products and unfailing services.

  • Extensive Range of Products
  • The ability of CROSSTEX to provide as many choices and options among products to the customers as possible, allows us to manage a long lasting satisfied customer base. The solution to all your surgical instruments related worries lies right here.

  • Unwavering Trust of the Customers
  • Customers faith in our products and services, is one of the major strength of our company. We stand resolute and proud just because of your trust in us. CROSSTEX considers maintaining this trust one of the top priorities of its business.

  • Reliable Services and Delivery
  • To commit is easy than to deliver and CROSSTEX realizes the gravity of this statement. Therefore, we manage to conduct professional and constructive norms within the industry so that we never fail to provide what we promise.




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